TwistRun Board Exercise Aerobic Fitness Gym for the person with under 265Lbs(120kg) weight (Shipping from USA)

1.Cardiovascular Exercise Burning 560 kcal per hour (*clinical test 2010) 2.All-in-one exercise equipment The jumping waist- twister, TwistRUN has as many good exercise effect as aerobic, treadmill, stepper, waist-twister and also gives the benefit of abdominal motion, waist stretching and intestinal exercises. 3.Sense of Balance Exercisers can repeat these motions naturally using their arms and shoulders to balance. 4.Abdominal Exercise It keeps you twist, thus stimulating your waist. 5.Leg Exercise Keep your knees bent slightly like Ski-pose. 6.Effect on Arms and Shoulders To keep the balance, you need to swing your arms and shoulders.

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