Twist away those extra inches. Shape and tone your muscles. This lateral thigh trainer is an improvement to our popular air stepper. It is a 27 lb metal whole body exerciser to support 250lb users. With the unique left to right pivoting motions, it has an added effectiveness on the abdominal area. The Twist & Shape stepper provides both fat- burning cardio and resistance training for teens and adults and effective for all activities, from skating to hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro. Best of all, its unique side-to-side twisting motion works your abdominals, midsection, and other muscles from different angles. Equipped with a pair of resistance armbands, you can work on the upper body. LCD console displays activities data. Excellent compliment to any weigh control program.

It is difficult for almost everybody to lose those extra inches at the sides of the waist area. This is a second generation lateral leg trainer providing a unique twisting action for the hard-to-reach oblique area without exhaustion or fear of whacking your back doing cross-leg crunches. You can focus on thighs, calves, buttocks, abdo¬minals, and oblique muscles with vertical step and twisting motion. Together with the detachable resistance armbands (included) you can work the biceps, triceps, pectorals and shoulders. The LCD console displays calories burned, repetitions, workout time, repetitions per minute, or option to repeat all data. When you pause or stop moving, the display will freeze until you resume the activities. Holding the Mode Button resets all displays.

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