Treadmill Doctor Treadmill Care Kit

Your treadmill keeps you running year round – return the favor with the Treadmill Doctor Treadmill Care Kit. This handy kit has everything you need to keep your equipment running smoothly, maintain part performance, and prevent damage to the motor and/or motor controller. Additional InformationProper maintenance will greatly reduce operation cost over time Treadmill Doctor’s famous Treadmill Care pamphlet included – everything you need to know Treadmill belt cleaner with new eco-friendly formula Belt dressing 1 bottle of compressed air cleaner 2 full applications of Treadmill Doctor’s treadmill lube About Treadmill Doctors Treadmill Doctor was formed in 1998 when two friends with years of experience in the fitness equipment industry recognized an availability gap in maintenance and repair of the product they were selling. They applied their expertise and knowledge to form what is now the largest and most trusted purveyor of replacement parts, maintenance items, and repair of treadmills, ellipticals, and more. When you need to keep on running, trust the Treadmill Doctor. Everything you need to keep your treadmill running. Eco-friendly belt cleaner, belt dressing. Compressed air cleaner, 2X treadmill lube. The Treadmill Doctor treadmill care pamphlet included. Prevent damage before it happens.

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