Tectonic M6.0 Whole Body Vibration Machine, Commercial (1.5HP, 400 lbs), Dual Motor, Premium Oscillation and Triplanar, 5 Exercise Programs

The Tectonic M6.0 by Tectonic Vibrations Technology is the latest innovation in Whole Body Vibration systems. It is a Dual Motion vibration system that utilizes a Premium Oscillation and Triplanar vibration motion that can be independently controlled or used together, large and stable vibrating platform, and reinforced professional grade steel frame.

Vibration training was initially used in Space to prevent cosmonauts from having their bones and muscles degrade in zero gravity environments. It later expanded into the fitness industry, and further towards physical therapy, rehabilitation and professional sports. Vibration training is also currently being used for beauty and wellness applications.

The powerful dual brushless DC motors produces a G-force (gravitational force) of upto 12.5 G’sthat enhances and build muscle strength and endurance for overall health and fitness.

This powerful dual vibration system is designed to deliver the precise frequency and amplitude levels to perfectly engage the various muscle groups of the body and to promote the health benefits associated with Whole Body Vibration training. The Tectonic M6.0 is capable in helping achieve the numerous health benefits of Whole Body Vibration including reducing back or joint pain, increase muscle strength, weight loss, lymphatic drainage and increasing skin elasticity-resulting in a younger, healthier you.

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