Losing Weight and Staying Motivated.

 How To Stay Motivated In Losing Weight

How To Stay Motivated while losing weight

Weight loss is not just a matter of going into the gym and lifting a few weights, or spending a few minutes on the treadmill. Neither is it just about staying away from sinful desserts or irresistible carb-filled food.

A comprehensive weight loss program would usually last for months, and in order to effectively shed pounds, one would have to stick to the specifications of the diet plan.

Sounds easy? Well it can be. The key to maintaining a weight loss plan is by staying motivated. How? Here are three simple ways to stay motivated:


1. Have a realistic goal.

Abraham Lincoln once said that, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” This applies to a lot of what we do in life, and this includes losing weight.

In setting your weight loss goals, don’t just set a number. Thinking and aiming for a certain ‘ideal weight’ would, most often than not, be insufficient to keep you going. If you want to lose, say 30 lbs., attach a more life-changing purpose to it, like shedding it off so you can do better at your favorite sport. The weight loss goal can also be about boosting your confidence, or simply fitting into your old pair of jeans.

Make sure to also make them realistic. If you want to shed 50 lbs., then don’t give yourself a month to do it. Be aware of what your body can handle, and what your lifestyle (including work and home activities) require.

This way, you can easily keep up with your goals, and not lose your way when you start to get that dragging feeling when you’re mid-way with your weight loss plan.


2.       Put some variety in your fitness activities.

Going to the gym can be an interesting and exciting cycle at first, especially when you start to feel lighter and thinner. However, if you do the same workouts regularly, things can get boring. And when it does, many tend to tire out of the weight loss process.

In order to avoid this, make sure that you change up your work outs every so often, depending on your schedule and interests. You can perhaps do weights and work with gym equipment for the first two weeks, and then start joining fitness classes like indoor cycling/spinning, belly-dancing, aerobics, and many more.

Aside from going to the gym, there are also other ways to lose weight. Yoga, dancing, and even hula-hooping are just some of those options.


3.       Call a friend.

Shared experiences can also make your weight loss journey memorable. When you start feeling like you can no longer keep up with the weight loss plan, get a friend to join you in this ‘journey’. You can track your progress together, and you’ll have someone to enjoy spinning classes with too.

Having a friend to do things with also ensures you have someone by your side to keep you going. Some friendly competition also helps you in aiming to achieve more.

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