Get Warmed Up!

Get Warmed Up!

Have you had your muscle pulled or your ankle strained after a not-so-intense workout? You’re probably wondering why it happened, when you only spent less than 30 minutes exercising. If you don’t remember warming up before you started with your workout, then that would have been the culprit.

Warming up is usually done before exercising or participating in sports. This stage before any intense activity allows your body to be physically and mentally prepared before it goes through strenuous activity.

Why It’s Important

There may be a number of reasons why people miss out on warming up, some are in a hurry, while some might be too excited to start with the workout, others think it’s something they can do without.

Well, whatever reason there may be, not getting warmed-up before a workout can be potentially dangerous.

The process of warming up before a workout, allows the pulse rate to increase, stretch the muscles, raise the body temperature, and mentally psych you up for more intense physical activity. Doing these exercises before a workout helps your circulatory system to get oxygen-rich blood to the parts of your body that will be needed for the routine.

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Doing so helps prevent injury that may ensue, like overstretching or strained muscles. It would also help improve blood circulation through your tissues, promoting more pliable movement throughout your workout. It also prepares your respiratory system, so that you don’t run out of breath easily.

Warming up is also one way of burning those extra calories you may have consumed throughout the day, as this stage initially makes use of the sugar stored in your body.

The Proper Warm-up

Going through the correct warm-up process is as important as your entire workout routine. Warm-ups are ideally done at a leisurely pace, and should involve low-level or low-intensity activities. This should also be done before stretching.

You can either do brisk walking, slow jogging, light weight-lifting or five-minute cardio exercises. Warm-ups usually last for 15 to 20 minutes, and should never be rushed or done too slowly. Remember that you’re getting your body ready for more intense exercise, so make sure that you gradually intensify your warm-up routine too.

Calisthenics as well as flexibility exercise routines are a good way of warming up. If your workout involves sports, you can also incorporate some of the skills related to your sport as part of your warm-up. Runners for example, do some light jogging.

Whatever routine you plan to do as warm-up exercise, make sure that you properly stretch and flex your muscles. Doing so will ensure that you avoid injuries, get the most of your weight loss plan, and enjoy your fitness experience to the fullest.

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