Finding the Gym That Works For You

Finding the Gym That Works For You

When you think of fitness or losing pounds, you immediately think of a gym. Gyms nowadays are no longer just a venue for ‘muscle-men’ or athletes. It’s now frequented by all sorts of men, women, and even kids who are looking for a place where people aim for one thing: fitness.

Choosing the right gym or fitness club for you is important in achieving your weight loss goals. And no, it’s no longer just about the location. There are a number of other factors to consider such as:

Going to the gym can be a little intimidating at first, what with all the fitness ‘machinery’ available for you to use. You would later understand the importance of having the right gym equipment, when you start using them for your workouts.

Make sure that your gym of choice has at least the basic equipment you might need, like treadmills, free weights, barbells and dumbbells, bikes, and benches. Do not forget to also find out if all of them are in good, working condition.


Gone are the days when gyms are just a place to work out in. Many fitness clubs now offer other features to attract new members such as saunas, health food carts, and even internet lounges. Some of these features may have some significance for you, like if you’re a businessman, internet lounges may be instrumental in ensuring the convenience of getting some paperwork done immediately after or before the workout.


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But of course, don’t forget to also check the facilities you are most likely to use, like the locker room and the bath or shower room. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with leaky faucets or non-functioning showers when you start working out at the gym.

Find out as well if the gym is properly maintained and that cleanliness is strictly observed.  Health and hygiene are also paramount in ensuring you shed pounds efficiently.

  1. Staff, customer service, and other members.

Knowing what kind of people you’ll be working out with can help you decide whether a gym fits your requirements. Remember that you’d be spending time with that group of individuals for about 5-8 hours of your week.  If you’re the type who prefers quiet surroundings during workouts, you might want to go for a gym in less frequented locations.

Scope out the number of staff and the kind of customer service the facility offers.  These may seem like trivial details, but when you start spending more time at the gym, you’ll see just how significant they are.  Efficient and sufficient number of staff in a gym would determine whether you’ll have the help when you need it. And of course, good customer service will ensure you settle concerns or issues before they become a problem.

  1. Location and Hours of Operation

A gym may have all the perks, the great facilities, and accommodating staff, but if its too inconvenient for you to get there, then you probably won’t be able to maximize its use for your weight loss plan.

Choose a gym that’s either located near your workplace or your place of residence. This would depend on your preferred workout time too. If you’re more of a morning person who wants to get pumped up before going to work, then choose one near your house.  Gyms that are open for longer hours are best, so just in case you go through some schedule changes, you can still go in and workout anytime.

It should also be located in a safe place and it’s best if it’s near places you frequent on a daily basis. If your daily routine includes a visit to the grocery store, then find a gym near one, so you can take care of your daily to-do list and your weight loss goals without the hassle.


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