Dual Motors 1500 Watts Axis Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

We use only Direct Current motors to limit the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) that you could be exposed to. Some vibration machines on the market are built with AC motors or Sonic magnets which are loaded with RF and are very rich in Magnetic Field MF. Studies show that EMF may deteriorate the cartilages of our feet when we stand on the vibrating platform, our hands and palms if we do push ups, our hips if we sit on it. Also, another current big warning is that uncontrolled MF and rich RF (Radio Frequencies) may cause bone cancer. I am sure that you heard the warning about the magnetic fields in the cellular Phones that might cause brain cancer? Well, the magnetic fields on some of the AC motor platforms are hundreds of times stronger then those of the cellular phones. Most machines are loaded with those powerful MF and RF and are exposing their customers and their trainers to a high risk! If you want ZERO EMF AND RF EXPOSURE, YOU MUST GET DC MOTORS

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