Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads for All Slendertone Abdominal Belts, 1 Set (3 Gel Pads)

Get maximum results with fresh, reusable, no-mess GelPads. To get the most from your FLEX Abdominal Toning Belt, make sure to always use GelPads that are in good working order. SLENDERTONE medical-grade SLENDERTONE GelPads are latex free and each lasts from 20 to 30 sessions. No messy gel is needed.

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Ab Mat- Ab Workouts, Bench, Machines, Equipment, Trainer, Exerciser – Fitness Equipment for Home – Crossfit Equipment, Workouts – Core Exercises, Exerciser, Trainer – Situp Mat, Pad – Get 6 Pack Abs At Home – 60 Day Guarantee

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Phoenix 99255 Adjustable Slantboard

Phoenix 99255 Adjustable Slantboard – Additional InformationGreat for use as a slant board for sit-ups and crunches, or as a flat bench for use with dumbbells and free weights Adjusts to multiple positions so that you can customize your workouts Complete with upscale, quilted box cushions for enhanced comfort during use Folds flat for easy storage Manufacturer’s warranty: see complete details in the Product Guarantee area About Phoenix Health and Fitness Inc. Phoenix Health and Fitness Inc. has been a leader in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Established as a wholesale distributor in 1998, Phoenix is committed to bringing consumers the latest and safest in workout technology. From treadmills to exercise bikes, workout benches to inversion machines, Phoenix provides competitively priced, fully supported, high-quality exercise opportunities for its customers and its companies. Whether used in a private home or in a fitness club, Phoenix Health and Fitness equipment is guaranteed to provide innovative, supportive technologies. For use as a slant board or flat bench. Quilted box cushions for comfort. 250-pound weight capacity. Assembled dimensions: 58L x 16W x 22.5H inches. Manufacturer’s warranty included (see product guarantee).

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The Flex Belt Gel Pads Set for Flex System Belt, Grey

The success of your Flex Belt toning session relies on the quality of your Flex Belt Gel Pads. When it’s time for new Flex Belt Gel Pads, be sure to have them on hand so you don’t miss a day of toning while waiting for new Flex Belt Gel Pads to arrive. We recommend adding an additional 2-3 sets to your order. You can always order new Flex Belt Gel Pads later if you don’t want to get extras now.

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MILLIARD Dual Ab Fitness Wheel

Strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms and back. The ab wheel is very simple to use, and is very effective. The ab wheel allows you to get the most effective upper body and core training! Designed with 2 non-skid wheels for added stability. Features cushioned durable grip handles to ensure a strong and comfortable grip. Great for all fitness levels.

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Abmat abdominal exerciser and core trainer WITHOUT the DVD

The AbMat is a totally one-of-a-kind abdominal exerciser and core trainer because it offers:

The full range of motion necessary to work the entire abdominal muscle group.
Crunch exercises and most equipment fall short of the AbMat!

A variety of exercises
that isolate upper and/or lower abs, as well as the obliques and lower back muscles.

A safe, comfortable design
contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent injury.

One size fits all!
There is no need to worry about height and weight differences between users.

No more balancing!
Unlike fitness balls, the AbMat won’t roll or wobble on you, so you can focus on your workout

A compact, portable design
that requires no set-up or tear-down Take it with you anywhere!

A product made in the U.S.A.

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SELF Weighted Fitness Hoop, 3-Pound, Orange

Your workout doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun and boost your calorie burn at the same time. Whittle our waist while you slim and sculpt your abs with the SELF Weighted Fitness Hoop by CAP Barbell. The foam padded construction makes it comfortable to use and the hoop snaps together easily for quick assembly. It also disassembles for easy travel and storage.

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Ab Roller Evolution

Perform abdominal crunches at any level with the Ab Roller Evolution. You can flip this ab workout equipment to do a total body workout. Add weight to this total body workout machine for extra resistance. This abdominal exercise machine offers support to your neck, head, and upper body. Do all your exercises from the comfort of your home gym with this workout equipment.

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Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

Launch yourself into amazing abs with the AB Rocket Twister! Strengthen your core by rocking back and forth for easier crunches, reverse crunches, obliques exercises and more. The innovative design gives you an option to twist and turn your lower body to maximize your work-out. Three levels of Resistance Springs offer you a perfect amount of resistance for any fitness level. Cushions support and massage while you exercise- no more neck and back pain.

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Power Systems 13580-K2 Ultimate Sandbag – Strength Package Elite

The Ultimate Sandbag is designed to meet the demands of elite strength and conditioning needs. The Ultimate Shell comes with 7 handles as well as a non-abrasive outer material that allows trainees to grab onto the shell itself. The Ultimate filler bags provide the weight to the bags. The small filler bag provides 10-20 lbs and the large 25-45 lbs. This allows variable resistance to fit the need of any trainee.

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Dance & Performance Hula Hoop Control Flex – MADE IN USA – Ship 1 or 100 One low price

This 3/4″ I.D. 125 psi HDPE pipe tubing in either a 36″ 16 oz or 40″ 19 oz hoop size is ideal as a personal dance and performance hoop for both body and hand hooping. It comes with decorative glitter and 1″ wide gaffer’s tapes for extra grip and ease of use. Ideal for intermediate and professional experience levels and hoopers that want a smaller diameter tubing that is more flexible, lighter and available in smaller overall hoop diameters. Hoop dancing adds variety, fun, and a sensual feeling to hooping that you cannot get from standard waist hooping. We believe all hoopers should challenge themselves to get more out of hooping, have fun, lose weight and get fit! Want this hoop in the collapsible travel version go to

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Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer with Flex Master Attachment

Offering a revolutionary way to work your lower abs, upper abs, middle abs, and even your sides, the Ab Rocket will give you the body you’ve always wanted. The Ab Rocket works like a real piece of gym equipment, with a back and head apparatus that comfort

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Carve Your Core

The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro will carve your core and help you get ripped abs and sculpted arms. The kinetic “engine” uses a carbon steel spring to turbocharge your abdominal and arm workouts. It provides resistance as you roll out and assistance when you roll back. The ultra-wide tread provides maximum stability when carving left, right, and center. Ergonomic hand grips are angled to help activate arm and core muscles. Download the digital workout to get a 21-day plan to a stronger core and sculpted arms. The workout is designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.

Carbon steel spring coils up to add resistance on the way out and assistance on the way back
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Download the 21-day workout
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Invented by the US Navy SEAL who brought you the Perfect Pushup

Rey lost 20 pounds!
View larger

Angela lost 18 pounds!
View larger

Rob lost 29 pounds!
View larger

Real people, real results. The Ab-Carver Pro can help transform your body to get that lean flat stomach and six pack abs you’ve always wanted. Proper diet and exercise are key elements to any weight loss program and the above are just three examples of Carver success stories. The results above were achieved with exercise and a reduced calorie diet. Your results will vary.

3 Rules of Carving
  • Quality Not Quantity – Proper form is critical for best results. Stay focused. Keep your core tight.
  • Learn Your Limits – Carving is an intense exercise, especially the first time you try it. It is not unusual to feel sore after your first carving workout. This is a tough exercise and it will take time to build your core.
  • Take It Slow – Carving is not about speed, it’s about slow and controlled muscle contractions. Pace yourself. Moving slowly lets you focus on maintaining proper form and getting results.
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Free Shipping! Training Ropes / Battle Ropes Poly Dac + Free Video

Please note that are 1.5″ X 16.5 FT rope is for beginner users.
We are an official licensed seller, Fitness Solutions®, and our ropes are used by Professional Athletes and Military Personnel for training purposes.
Battle rope great for Interval Training.

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Tone Fitness Abs Toning Wheel

The Tone Fitness abdominal toning wheel is an easy to use exercise equipment that can help to add strength to your core and tighten the abdominal muscles. At the gym or in your own home, you can use the wheel to help work out your lower and upper back, hips, chest, arms, butt and legs. These wheels are portable and easy to store just about anywhere. Non-slip wheels provide stability. The contoured grip handles allows for a smooth and comfortable workout. Warning: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Consumer may return the product for a full refund, including shipping cost for both receipt and return of the product within 15 days of his or her receipt.

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Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise and Fitness – Glitter & Prismatic Tapes – MADE IN USA – Ship 1 or 100 One low price

Canyon Hoops began in 2004 and we have shipped over 50,000 of our hoops worldwide. Unlike the five and six piece sport hoops you find on Amazon our hoops are 100% made in the USA.
This is the same basic Weighted Exercise Hula Hoop from Canyon but with cool glitter, holographic, fluorescent decorative tapes, cool vinyl tapes and neon grip tapes. Hooping with decorative tapes heightens the experience for you and anyone watching as light is reflected off the hoop in all directions. Now with black-light glow in the dark, Neon Grip sticky tape to make those off body hand and lower body movements easier. No amount of normal use will cause the hoop to kink, crack, bend, or crush. Our Weighted Exercise Hoops have been designed to combine the ideal size and weight to help you lose weight, trim your waist line, build stamina, and improve your overall fitness level. The small 38 inch diameter hoop is ideal for smaller body type adults, teens and adults who want a bit more challenge. The 42″ diameter regular hoop is ideal for most beginners and intermediate hoopers and is a bit easier due to its larger size and weight. Get fit! Get Hooping!
Questions? Give us a call on our toll free number 877-914-6677 and we will make sure you get the right hoop!

Wow! We received the following congratulations from Amazon: “Your sales ranked among the top 25% of all sellers over the 2010 holiday season. In addition, your customer satisfaction metrics were excellent (in other words, A+) over this period.” We guarantee we will repeat this performance every holiday season.

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Abtronic X2

The Ab Tronic X2 will give you a flat, sexy stomach without struggling on a exercise equipment or without having to do a single crunch.

The secret of the Ab Tronic X2 is the Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS. EMS is a scientifically proven technique that actually generates ‘active muscle contractions’. This incredible machine will literally do the work for you. EMS was originally developed for physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patients with muscle injuries. Now, it is being applied to the fitness industry to get you the abs you have always dreamed of. You will feel the Abtronic X2 toning your abs right away and see dramatic results after just a few workouts.

It is called ‘X2’ because it takes your work out to the Extreme. With 2 x the power for double the results! With its unique dual channel technology featuring 4 positionable conductive pads in the front and back to help target your problem areas.

It is perfect for all fitness levels with 8 different body workouts from short contractions to long, deep pulsations. It has 10 intensity levels that you can easily regulate and it only takes 10 minutes a day.

Ab Tronic X2 also tones, tightens and shapes your bun, firm and lift your chest, neck, shoulders and more. In just 1 minute you will get at least 400 muscle contractions; imagine doing 400 sit ups!

Ab Tronic is an electronic system designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and culture, gender sensitive electronic stimulation to contract and relax muscles without effort. Consistency is the key to achieving a youthful appearance, using daily for 30 days to put their hard muscles and reduce actions.

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