BodyCraft T3 Life Tree Total Training Power Tower

BodyCraft T3 Life Tree Total Training Power Tower – The BodyCraft T3 Life Tree certainly is a Total Training Tower! You can work every muscle in your body using over 100 various exercises! Bodyweight Training, Functional Training, Core Training, Stability Ball Training, and Power Band Training can ALL be performed with the T3! Features:. Complete Chin Bar allows for every hand grip position for Pull-Ups. Stability Ball instead of back pad for ergonomic Vertical Knee Raises (VKR). Comfortable Oversized Adjustable Ab Slings for Hanging VKR. Remove Stability Ball for advanced VKR exercises. Stability Ball can be removed and used as a stand-alone exercise ball. Stability Ball can be used with Power Bands for a large number of exercises. Comfortable Oversized Dip Handles angled for different workout positions. Dip Handles fold up to allow room for Oblique Twists and Pull-Ups. Lower Handles with Comfortable grips for Push-Ups and Reverse Dips. Power Bands can be used for Assisted Chin and Dip exercises. Holes provided for optional mounting to floor.

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