Best Buy Auwit Folding Treadmill

Most people know what physical exercise is, but you know why physical exercise is important. It can keep you healthy, make you stronger, it helps to loss fat, manages weight and combating diseases, it keeps your body flexible and activities smooth, it improves your mood, and enhances your endurances. By exercising often and right, you will feel more energetic, focused, and confident with strength and beauty.

Using the Auwit AUW-500 series, you can do cardio exercises easily. It is slim and approachable. With only eight square foot footprint, you can exercise at almost anywhere at home or office. And you may enjoy your favorite TV while exercising on this treadmill and burn few hundred calories the same time. It works well either for a full hour exercise or when you only have short time to catch up with your daily cardio goal.

It is low energy consumption while at the same time provide enough power to support your cardio exercising needs. It is optimal for power walking and jogging for almost everyone.

The unit is lightweight, foldable, and can be rolled away with its own wheels. It will never occupy a big space when you don’t need it to.

Burn calories and don’t miss your life. Start exercising with AUW-500 series, and let your body work better for you.

Two colors at your choice. 1100W output models are also available for improved performance with only small increment in price.

Also available at Amazon is Auwit AUW-503 Full Body Vibration Fitness Machine with stretch strings. It is a good complement with a treadmill. It provides very easy exercise experience to almost everyone.

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