Bowflex Max Trainer M7

What is the Bowflex Max Trainer M7?

So you think you’re pretty fit huh? Well, the people at Bowflex might have something to say about that! I picked one of these up from a Facebook Yard sale group. It was hardly used and they needed the space. Still cost me a pretty penny but it has been worth the price of admission or should I say torture! I thought I was pretty fit but this thing kicks your butt!

The New and Improve Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is the latest version their total body home gym exercise machine. The Bowflex M7 is being touted as a cardio breakthrough that puts together a one, two punch! The full-body workout comes from punch number one (1) that is the elliptical side of the machine. And punch number two (2) the calorie burner comes from the low impact stepper side of the machine.

It has three (3) different Interval Workout sessions:

1, Max 7 Minute Interval

2. Max 14 Minute Interval

3. Max 21 Minute Interval

Some of the other features include:

– Dual Mode LCD/LED displays so you can see what it’s torturing you with.

– High-Quality Commercial Grade handles

– Aerobar Grips with burn rate and resistance level adjustments

– Sports Performance Racing Pedal

– Two Additional Workout Programs

– Plus an upgrade from the M5 model it has four (4) more resistance levels

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Pic

And if the workout wasn’t scary enough for ya! It also stores your training and will make adjustments to what it thinks you need and will coach you along trying to push you to your maximum output. They will also start you off with a FREE 8 WEEK Burn trial program. I wish you luck with that one!

Now if unlike me you are looking to pick up a brand spanking new one. You can pick one up on or their own website where they offer financing for those who qualify.