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Weight Loss Exercises

Best Weight Loss Exercises Without Stepping in a Fitness Gym

Exercising is one way to shed extra pounds off from the body. However, weight loss exercises need not to be done at the gym alone with strenuous activities and equipment; you can have your own weight loss exercises done at the comfort of your own home. You can lose weight even just by doing simple house hold chores. Yes, it is true. Simple house hold chores can be done in a way similar as having your exercise routine at the gym. Here are some exercises you can do at your home and still achieve that weight loss that you have always wanted.

Dusting and cleaning your house can make you lose weight more than you can ever imagine. This lightweight activity can make you burn almost 2-3 calories in just one minute. You will be surprised to lose almost 70% of your calories after dusting an cleaning your entire house. You might wonder why household chores are included in the exercises you can do to lose weight, but even by simply washing the clothes, you can burn calories the calories in your body. Doing simple household chores can aid in increasing the speed of the metabolism of your body, thus burn more calories. Doing your house hold chores regularly can indeed increase your energy enough for you to go through your entire day. now, you can both lose weight and have a clean house at the same time.

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Another activity that can be very effective in losing weight is by walking. Known as one of the oldest yet most effective way in losing weight, walking can make you burn calories depending on the intensity of the effort. The faster the pace and rhythm of your walk is, the better- because you will be burning more calories in your body. Following walking, running ranks second in the list on basic weight loss exercises. Studies have shown that an individual can burn a large amount of calories just by running at least 7 miles every day.

Last but not the least, doing an aerobic exercise can make you shed some pounds. This method is the most popular way for individuals in losing weight. With all the energy given in each session, it is impossible for an individual not to lose weight after a few sessions. This has become a popular method in losing weight simply because individuals having these classes enjoy themselves in each session.

All in all having a routine exercise for you to follow is important in trimming down fats in the body. However, exercise alone is not the only answer to make you lose weight. Paired with exercise should also be a balanced and healthy diet on your plan. Burning of calories and fats and replacing them with unhealthy foods won’t get you anywhere, but back where you came from. If you do not want to put your hard work into waste, you can choose to cut down with your sugar, salt and fatty intake as your exercises would pay off.

5 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Your Workout (TIME)

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