Soozier 300W Full Body Exercise Vibration Machine Platform

Health and fitness is an important part of any healthy routine, but it
can often be hard to make time for the gym or put extra strain on your
body after a hard day at work. With our vibration based workout
equipment you can focus on toning your body without risking
overexertion or injury, and do it quickly and effectively. This Soozier
exercise vibration machine has been specially designed to focus on
addressing multiple muscle groups and joints for directed vibration,
helping with things like arthritic and injury related joint pain as
well as muscle tightening. The body has been upgraded for
increased stability, and an LED readout panel allows you to stay
focused on meeting target fitness goals. With this versatile piece of
equipment you can integrate it to focus on core strength, flexibility,
joint strength, and multiple focused areas of the body. Since it is
also great for recovery, it can help when focusing on problem injury
areas and simply helping your muscles build more quickly after

– Heavy duty construction makes it long lasting and durable
– Multiple settings to change up your exercise and increase difficulty
– Helps with core strength, joints, arthritis and muscle recovery
– Addresses multiple muscle groups and good for injury recovery
– LED display shows time of use and vibration level
– Oscillation plate movement

Benefits of Vibration

– Increased tone in posture muscles
– Increased muscle power and strength
– Improved blood circulation
– Increased bone density
– Great for warming up before sports
– Helps prevent injuries
– Increased balance

– Color: White/Black
– Overall Dimensions: 22.4″L x 20.8″W x 43.3″H
– Net/Gross weight: 55/60 lbs.
– Weight Capacity: 264 lbs.
– Power: 300W or 0.4HP
– Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz

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