Powerfit Ultrathin Vibration Plate / Crazy Fit Massager, extra-wide with resistance arm bands, 20-speeds, remote control, and superior pivotal vibration.

Don’t be fooled. At only 5½” tall, the Powerfit Ultrathin Vibration Plate certainly earns its name, but still boasts a generous plate width of over 26″. That’s wider than many much bulkier machines, meaning more possibilities for positioning your body to target your legs, buttocks, upper body, and more…all with the added bonus of easy storage. This unit offers controls both on the base console and on the remote, letting you choose whichever is most convenient depending on the exercise position. In either case LED displays on the base indicate speed (20 levels, from 1700 – 3300 rpm), timer (selectable from 1-10 minutes), and mode (3 auto programs, and manual mode).

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