Jacob’s Ladder – Total Body Exerciser

Jacobs Ladder automatically adjusts to match your speed. The faster you go, the faster it goes!!¬†¬†Click to download video.The patented treadmill climber designed for fitness professionals to provide peak aerobic endurance and anaerobic conditioning. Join the Jacobs Ladder Challenge!Shoulders Jacobs Ladder involves upper body, arms and shoulders increasing cardiovascular activity and providing total body benefits.Lower Back Natural climbing position reduces stress and pressure on back and hips.LegsLong dynamic climbing stroke insures a wide range of leg and lower body muscle utilization.Knees Low impact activity mitigates strain on joints.TetherAdjustable belt and tether line activate climbing system. Climbing system automatically adjusts to desired speed and breaks to a complete stop when climbing stops. Console Easy to use microprocessor monitors speed, calories, distance, time and heart rate. Includes Operational and Instructional Video (DVD)Professional AdvantagesReasonable cost relative to alternative aerobic equipment.Small footprint, to minimize the floor space required.A unique exercise alternative that provides a competitive advantage.Specifications:Frame: Welded Tubular Steel Weight: 260 lbs Size: 65.5″H x 31.25″W x 76″L Power: 115 V/AC/ 5 Watts Angle: 40′ Non-Motorized Warranty: 4 Years on all Parts; 1 Year on Labor from the date of purchaser invoice. Leaseor Financethis equipment!Call 800-383-2008for details.

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