Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom(R): Never Run Alone Again. THINK LESS, RUN BETTER: Put on your Nike+ SportWatch GPS, go outside and run. The Nike+ Sensor is optional. Tap the screen to mark laps and activate the backlight during your run, and personalize the data that you want to see during your run. For direct connect, USB contacts are built into the watch strapjust plug the watch directly into a USB port on your computer to upload run data and recharge the battery. ENHANCED ACCURACY: Using GPS by TomTom with the Nike+ Sensor, you can start tracking your run instantly, and get accurate speed and distance information, indoors or outeven if the GPS signal gets interrupted. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS by TomTom tracks your time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned. It also shows your mapped route, with pace data, and changes in elevation on And it’s heart-rate monitor compatible with the Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter. YOU’LL NEVER SLACK AGAIN: View your Nike+ history (up to 50 runs) and PRs, and set automatic Run Reminders when a run hasn’t been logged in the past five days. Run a personal best, receive an Attaboy. You can also find new routes, set personal goals and access training programs on

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Garmin Edge 500 Series

When we first heard the expression, “paralysis by analysis, ” we weren’t sure what to think. We knew how to sift information during a bike ride. Then we saw the SRM PC V computer. Four lines of data at all times, plus a fifth line that toggles between two different metrics. Brain pain. You were supposed to look at all that and still ride? We’re not piloting a passenger jet. Garmin made the Edge 500 for people who were overwhelmed by the 705. Some were overwhelmed by all the data; some were overwhelmed by the size. The 500 is a nice size that can give you plenty of info but can keep it in check. The 500 is a great stand-alone bike computer that allows you pretty tremendous flexibility in terms of what you track on your ride. There are three fully-customizable ride screens, each holding up to 8 lines of data. You can run one or two or three, and so on if you want. The 500 isn’t telling you what data should go with other data. You can choose it on your own. You want to run temperature and cadence? You can do it. As the unit comes, you can get times, temperature, altitude, gradient, speed, cadence, and all the combinations you can think of in terms of averaging. You can pair up the 500 with any ANT+ enabled powermeter, which at this moment means iBike, PowerTap, Quarq, and SRM, and add power data as well. The 500, while GPS-enabled, does not have mapping capabilities on the computer, so you can neither see a map nor have it dictate a route. The unit also doesn’t have a virtual training partner feature. It will, however map your coordinates so you can see the ride after it’s over. The unit works with Garmin’s own Garmin Training Center program. The program is a free download from Garmin’s website and is compatible with PC’s running Windows XP or newer and with Intel-based Macs running OS X 10. 4 or later. The data can also be uploaded to the Garmin Connect website for free, and to both WKO+ and TrainingPeaks. The Edge 500 measures 1. 9in wide by 2. 7in high by . 85in …

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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip Wireless Fitness Tracker. Makes everyday fitness fun and accessible. Track steps, distance and calories burned Upload data wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0, using your iPhone or Android mobile device Motivate yourself with real-time uploads for fun competition with friends Chart progress with free graphs and tools at Includes tracker, clip, dongle, replaceable battery Fitbit Zip tracks your progress at every step. Fitbit Zip’s super sensitive motion sensor tracks your daily activity far more accurately than a pedometer. Just tap the side until you see the real-time display you want: steps taken, miles traveled or calories burned. Fitbit Zip is water-resistant against the sweatiest workouts, with a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months. Battery, clip and a connecting Bluetooth dongle are included. Wirelessly uploads stats, so you don’t have to. Not great at writing down your activity? No problem. Every time Fitbit Zip comes within range of your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone or mobile device, it wirelessly uploads the latest data to your free account at So you’ll always have a clear sense of how active you are, as you progress toward your personal goals. Stay motivated with online tools and free apps. Fitbit Zip gives you access to exciting new fitness options. With free, easy-to-use online tools and smartphone access via a free app from the App StoreSM and Google Play for Android, you’ll find it a snap to log your food intake, weight and workouts. You can create online charts, compete with friends, earn badges or connect with others for support. It’s a total fitness picture-and Fitbit Zip is there for every step. Get your active lifestyle on track, with a Fitbit Zip from Brookstone. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch for Samsung Devices (US Warranty) – Black

Experience the latest technology with Samsung Gear Fit Black Smart Watch. This smart watch operates a wide variety of functions without reaching for your Samsung Galaxy S5. It gives instant notification of texts, calls, emails and third party applications. The watch’s heart rate monitor give you real time coaching and motivation to maintain and accomplish your health and fitness goals. Buy the Samsung Gear Fit Black Smart Watch!

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Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer, Gray

View larger

Every step you take is in the directon of a healthier lifestyle, so why not find out how many steps you are taking each day with Omron’s Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-329).

Replacing the popular HJ-112, the small and lightweight Alvita Ultimate features Omron’s validated Tri-Axis Technology allowing you to keep it in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate step count, while also offering the traditional option of wearing it on your hip with the enclosed holder.

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Tri-Axis Technology

Omron’s validated tri-axis technology increases accuracy and allows you to wear the pedometer where it’s most comfortable. The unit accurately counts almost anywhere you want to put it.

Place the pedometer in the upper front pocket of your clothing, in the front pocket of your pants, in a bag, or attach it to your belt or pants with the enclosed holder. Includes a strap and clip to prevent loss.

Lightweight & Simple to Operate

A light weight pedometer at .8 oz, it includes a large display and buttons for easy operation. No tools required to replace/remove battery, simply slide the lock on the back to remove the battery cover.

What’s in the Box?

Pedometer, battery, holder, strap with clip and instruction manual.

Four Activity Modes

The Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer keeps a precise count of your daily activity level measuring the distance you’ve traveled and the calories burned. With up to 7 days of activity viewable on the display, you’ll have an up to the minute look at your progress.

  • Counts steps and distance walked daily and automatically resets at midnight so you can start each day with a clean slate
  • Aerobic –“brisk” – steps feature allows you to elevate your walk to a workout by counting steps separately when walking more than 60 steps per minute and more than 10 minutes continuously
  • By measuring the intensity of your activity, the unit can calculate the amount of calories burned
  • To view various measurements, simply press the walk button.

Auto Stride for Easy Set Up

The Alvita Ultimate contains a feature to calculate your walking stride which makes set-up a breeze. Based on your height and weight inputs, the pedometer will automatically suggest your stride length. You can also calculate your own stride and and input it yourself.

To calculate your stride:

  1. Walk 10 steps with your normal stride as illustrated below.
  2. Measure the distance from START to END in inches.
  3. Calculate your stride length by dividing the total distance by 10.

Example: Total distance = 320″
320 ÷ 10 = 32 inches (2 feet 8 inches)

Online Pedometers

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Model Number Alvita
Alvita Optimized
Alvita Ultimate
Alvita USB
Features and Benefits
Acceleration Sensor Tri-Axis Tri-Axis Tri-Axis Tri-Axis
Memory 7-day 7-day 7-day 7-day
Auto Reset at Midnight
Calories Burned
Aerobic Steps
Steps per Minute
Online Web Based Solution
Days of Activity Stored 22
Other Information
Strap with Clip

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MIO Link Continuous Strapless Heart Rate Wrist Band

Mio LINK is Great for Cyclists and Runners
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Make Mio the Heart of your Training – No Chest Strap Required!

At Mio, we believe that the single biggest change you can make to your performance is monitoring your heart. That is why Mio develops innovative, easy-to-use products that make heart rate training accessible for all athletes. Mio LINK packs the same award-winning continuous heart rate technology as Mio ALPHA into a sleek, lightweight wristband. Mio LINK transmits data via both Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ technology to sport devices and fitness apps. Customize your workout with up to 5 heart rate zones.

Mio Continuous Technology

Mio Continuous Technology is at the core of each of our products. A true scientific breakthrough, patented technology has been proven EKG-accurate at performance speeds. An optical sensor monitors the volume of blood under your skin and sophisticated algorithms are applied to the pulse signal so that the heart’s true rhythm can be detected – even while running at performance speeds. After extensive testing, in many environments, against the top heart rate chest strap brands, Mio’s continuous heart rate technology consistently performed with 99% accuracy.

Wireless Connectivity

Mio LINK transmits data via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ to sport devices and popular fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Wahoo, Endomondo, Runtastic, and the Mio GO app. The ANT+ capability will allow you to replace your current chest strap (if you use one) and have Mio LINK supply your continuous heart rate from your wrist to your existing GPS watch, such as Garmin or Suunto, or cycling computer. Having your heart rate on your wrist instead of on your chest will allow you to train in comfort and not have the chafing, constricted feel of a cumbersome chest strap.

Continuous Heart Rate

Get your continuous and accurate heart rate in comfort. The Mio LINK uses two green LED lights and an optical sensor to measure the change in volume of the blood going through your veins. Then sophisticated algorithms find your accurate, continuous heart rate – all from your wrist with no chest strap.

Connect To Fitness Apps

Connect to your favorite mobile fitness apps through Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology. Mio LINK sends your heart rate to popular fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Wahoo, Endomondo, Runtastic, and the Mio GO app.

No Chest Strap

Train in comfort from now on. Mio products remove the need of a chest strap. No one likes wearing an uncomfortable chest strap that can chafe, move around and constrict. Now you don’t have to.

Connect To Cycling Computers & Sport Devices

Mio LINK also transmits your continuous heart rate via ANT+ technology, which connects you to your GPS watches (i. e. Garmin, Suunto, etc) and cycling computers.

Accurate At Any Speed

Mio products are designed to give you your accurate, continuous heart rate without a chest strap all while you’re enjoying your favorite sports, such as running, cycling and many more. Mio has been tested accurate at running speeds of up to 14.4 mph.

Customizable Heart Rate Zones With LED Alerts

Heart rate training is proven to help you train more efficiently and effectively, so you can optimize your performance and maximize your workout. Mio LINK offers customizable heart rate zones with LED lights that can tell you which zone you’re in at any given moment, so you can stay on track with your training goals. You can set either 1 zone or 5 zones for you to train within.

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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Easy to Use

Easy to use

Includes comfortable fabric chest strap
for accurate, continuous heart rate.
For best results, thoroughly moisten
the chest strap with water prior to workout.

Click here for a larger image

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

The FT7 heart rate monitor is an essential tool for those who want to lose weight and improve their fitness. Its easy-to-use Smart Coaching features such as EnergyPointer and Smart Calories will guide and motivate you so every workout counts.

Exercise Guidance

Continuously displays your real-time heart rate during exercise. With this information you can gauge your intensity and stay within your target zone to maximize your workout. It’s like a personal trainer on your wrist telling you when to slow down or speed up.

Accurate Calorie Burn

Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned during any activity, even playing with children and swimming.

Get Fitter, Faster

The FT7 is the perfect training companion. It doesn’t just give you numbers, it helps you understand what you are doing and how to improve. After each workout, the FT7 will display a training summary with your average and max heart rate and calories burned. In addition, it keeps track of your last 99 workouts so you can see your fitness improvements and stay motivated to reach your goals.

Key Features

• Continuous, accurate heart rate

• Average and maximum heart rate of training

• Automatic age-based target zone – bpm / %

• Smart Calorie feature uses your personal data to provide accurate calories burned

• EnergyPointer feature shows whether you are burning fat or improving your fitness during your workout

• Includes heart rate chest strap made of soft fabric material that adapts to your body shape. Requires and includes chest strap for accurate heart rate

• 99 training files (with summaries and totals)

• Backlight

• User replaceable battery and water resistant (30m)

• Connects with compatible gym equipment using GymLink (5kHz coded transmission)

• Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze

• Connects to Polar’s free training site,, with the optional FlowLink data transfer device (sold separately, not included)

In The Box

FT7 heart rate monitor

H1 heart rate sensor

FT7 Getting Started Guide

Easy to Use

1) Enter basic settings

2) Thoroughly moisten the H1 heart rate chest strap with water, snap on the transmitter and wrap around your chest

3) Start your workout. * Tip: it is best to stand away from others when starting the heart rate monitor.

4) To extend the battery life of your H1 chest strap transmitter be sure to detach the sensor from the chest strap and rinse after each use

H1 Heart Rate Chest Strap Sensor

H1 heart rate chest strap sensor

Includes the comfortable H1 heart rate chest strap. The chest strap sensor (also called transmitter) streams continuous, accurate heart rate to the FT7 wrist unit.

• Soft fabric materials adapt to your body shape so you forget it’s even on

• Convenient side hook mechanism makes it quick to put on when you want to start training and easy to take off when you’re finished

• Coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk with other heart rate monitors

• Bring it to the gym. Its 5kHz coded transmission will show your heart rate on compatible gym equipment

• Hand washable

• User-replaceable battery

• Strap material: 38% Polyamide, 29% Polyurethane, 20% Elastane, 13% Polyester

*Tip: after each workout, detach H1 transmitter, rinse the strap with water and hang dry.

Click here for a larger image

Meet your goals with our training community

Join forces with other training fans just like you and get more out of your exercise. On, you can plan your workouts in advance, analyze your results, and share it all with your friends. Here you can also monitor your training load and avoid overtraining. Best of all, it’s completely free. To sync your FT7 heart rate monitor, you just need the optional FlowLink® accessory (sold separately, not included.)


Smart Training Starts Here

Smart Training Starts Here

Polar invented the world’s first heart rate monitor and pioneered the Smart Coaching training approach that delivers faster progress and better results. Each Polar product includes unique Smart Coaching features that listen to your heart and interpret the data for you so you can train smarter.


Smart Calories
FT7 heart rate monitor Smart Coaching features:
Smart Calories

Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.


Shows whether you are burning fat or improving your fitness during your workout

How Heart Rate Training Works

How Heart Rate Training Works

Click here for a larger image

When you train, you don’t always have to go faster or harder to get the best results. To reach your goals you just need to listen to your heart rate and train at the right intensity.

During training, there are specific intensity zones, each with a benefit.  These zones are based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate- a number calculated by most Polar heart rate monitors. While training you can use your max heart rate to calculate and follow the recommended zones below. Training in the right zone will help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Zone 1 “Very Light” 50-60%: Improves overall health and helps recovery. Recommended for weight management and active recovery.

Zone 2 “Light” 60-70%: Improves basic endurance and fat burning. Recommended for everybody for longer and frequently repeated short exercises.

Zone 3 “Moderate” 70-80%: Improves aerobic fitness. Recommended for everybody for moderately long exercises.

Zone 4 “Hard” 80-90%: Increases maximum performance capacity. Recommended for everybody for shorter exercises.

Zone 5 “Maximum” 90-100%: Develops maximum performance and speed. Recommended for fit people and athletic training.

(Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate: 200 – Your Age= Maximum Heart Rate.)

Recommended Accessories

H7 heart rate sensor Bluetooth Smart
H7 heart rate sensor Bluetooth Smart

A combo heart rate sensor that provides real-time, accurate heart rate to your mobile training app, including Polar Beat. The H7 also connects to many Polar products as well as compatible gym equipment.

Polar FlowLink
Polar FlowLink

Transfers data between the FT7 and, our free online training diary. Mac and PC compatible.

Comparison Chart

FT4 FT7 FT60
Watch Functionality Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Heart Rate – BPM / % Yes Yes Yes
Water Resistant (will work in the water) Yes Yes Yes
High & Low Target HR Zone w/ Alarm Yes Yes Yes
OwnZone – personal heart rate zone     Yes
EnergyPointer – shows whether you’re working out in your fat burn zone or fitness improvement zone   Yes  
Fat Burn %     Yes
Calories Burned Yes Yes Yes
Training Files 10 99 100
Downloads to   Yes (w/Flowlink)
sold separately
Yes (w/Flowlink)
sold separately
Fitness Test     Yes
STAR Training Program     Yes

Polar Customer Care

Purchasing a Polar product is only the start of your experience with us. We’ll be there to provide training advice and assistance and help you get the most out of your new product.

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GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

View larger

The GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS Range Finder is the first golf GPS that displays and also speaks the distances to you. It is also one of the smallest golf gps units available at only 1.7″x1.7″ and weighs only 1 oz. It is so small that you can clip it on your visor and revert. No fees or subscriptions are necessary with the Golf Buddy Voice. Courses from around the world are already pre-loaded, so it is ready to use right out of the box. The GolfBuddy Voice displays and speaks the distances to you by just pressing a single button.

  • 40,000 course capacity
  • Distances to Front / Center / Back of the green
  • Automatic course & hole recognition
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Multi-lingual
  • Dynamic green view
  • Volume control
  • Supports multiple greens

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Smart Health Walking FIT

BE FIT. BE FREE. BE SMART. With Smart Health Technology that Makes Living Fit…Simple!

Simply Put It On and Go! With our Auto Tracking Technology, Smart Health Walking FIT accounts for your daily activity level, and calculates your calories burned with ease! Smart Health also integrates your Heart Rate and Basal Metabolic Rate into the calorie calculation, resulting in the most accurate calorie calculation of its kind. Smart Health introduces the “free living” concept where the watch does all the work for you. Best of all, the Smart Health Walking FIT watch requires absolutely NO PERSONAL SET UP. Just set the time and start improving your fitness level today.

AUTOMATIC TRACKING Monitors your Calorie Burn, Distance Walked & Steps Taken over the entire day. There is no user set up required, just set the time, and start monitoring your daily activity.

ALL DAY CALORIES A proprietary technique provides an All Day calorie burn that includes Basal Metabolic Rate, Activity (intensity & duration), and includes your EKG accurate Heart Rate into the calculation each time a reading is taken.

DISTANCE The Smart Health dynamic pace calibration determines the length of your stride based on the speed of your pace. This unique feature eliminates the need to input a stride measurement during set up.

HEART RATE Smart Health uses S-PulseTM Technology to deliver EKG accurate heart rate. S-PulseTM is the established leader in episodic heart rate for Sports Brands and international commercial cardio equipment.

Smart Health Can Help You:
-Lose Weight and keep it off
-Lower blood pressure
-Improve cardiac health

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Timex Women’s T5K020 “Ironman Traditional” Triathlon Watch with Grey Band

The Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Traditional 30-Lap Pink/Gray Resin Strap Watch features a lightweight, comfortable resin band designed for a race where every ounce counts. The timepiece is constructed with a durable resin case, a lightweight pink plastic bezel, and a gray resin wristband with an adjustable buckle clasp. A durable mineral window shields the digital-gray dial face, which displays the time as well as the day, date, and month. Four gray buttons decorate the bezel and include mode, set/recall, Indiglo, and stop/reset functions. A prominent gray start/split button rests below the six o’clock position. This athletic timepiece is powered by digital-quartz movement and is water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters).

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K-Edge Handlebar Computer Mount for Garmin – Men’s

While it entered the cycling world with its simple yet efficient Chain Catcher, Idaho’s K-Edge has since expanded into developing other intelligent componentry for road, mountain, and cyclocross athletes around the world. The Handlebar Computer Mount is its latest design, providing a sleek, secure, and durable platform for your Garmin head unit. Just like K-Edge’s original Chain Catcher, its Handlebar Computer Mount was built to be both light and strong. It was CNC-machined from a single block of 6061 T6 aluminum, providing a solid out-in-front platform for your computer. This placement provides both a sleek ‘wind-cheating’ mount for your Garmin, as well as a clear view of your data in a central position between your bars. This mount has already proven itself as an invaluable component for several professional teams, as its installation is simpler and more secure than the stock plastic versions could ever afford. Additionally its weight addition to pro-caliber bikes is negligible (30g including bolts, clamp, and mount). The K-Edge mounts directly to a 31. 8mm handlebar using an all-metal, two-bolt clamp system, with the computer unit locking into the adjustable arm with a definitive ‘click.’ It’s compatible with Garmin Edge 810, 800, 510, 500, and 200 GPS bicycle computers. Also, should you manage to somehow break the mount, K-Edge backs all of its products with a lifetime warranty against material or manufacturer defects. The K-Edge Handlebar Computer Mount for Garmin is available in a 31. 8mm clamp diameter size and in the colors Black, Gunmetal, and Red. All K-Edge products are manufactured in the USA.

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Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

Keep everything in check with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor. It provides live heart rate to compatible mobile training apps, including the Polar Beat, via low energy Bluetooth smart technology. The soft fabric chest strap seamlessly adapts to your body shape for premium comfort. Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad mini, and iPod Nano (7th generation). Provides live, accurate heart rate to compatible mobile training apps. Uses Bluetooth smart technology. Compatible with Apple products. User replaceable battery. Does not provide heart rate to Polar heart rate monitors. 2 sizes available.

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Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

Shine is an elegant activity monitor that you can wear anywhere. Shine is designed to inspire people to become more active, and encourage people to set goals for how much they want to move in a day and complete them. Wear it with different accessories available for different wearing locations and to different occasions (formal, business, casual, sleeping, swimming).Shine estimates your total calories burned each day, which includes: (1) calories related to your physical activities like walking, running, swimming, etc; and (2) the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of energy needed just to keep your body alive.The calories consumed by your physical activities are based on their duration and intensity, which are measured by the three-dimensional accelerometry system.Shine is water-resistant for swimming and the anodized aluminium will cope with tough conditions.Please note: Comes with Sport Band strap included.

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Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

A great watch for recreational exercisers who want an easy start to fitness, the Polar FT1 is a great piece of kit for those runners wanting basic heart rate monitoring. The Polar FT1 shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display and helps improve your fitness with automatic age-based heart rate target zone. The FT1 also displays a summary of your latest workout and offers one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk. Heart rate (bpm) – Heart rate is the measurement of the work your heart does. Heart rate can be expressed as the number of beats per minute or as percentage of your maximum heart rate. Heart rate can also be expressed as a percentage of your heart rate reserve, meaning the difference between your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate (HRR = HRmax – HRrest) Heart rate-based target zones with visual and audible alarm – You can define your target zones for a training session based on heart rate to help define the right intensity Manual target zone (bpm) – This feature enables you to define the target zone as you want and is suitable for your training. You can set the target zone for your training as beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR%). Polar OwnCode (5kHz) Coded Transmission – Coded heart rate transmission automatically locks in a code to transmit your heart rate to the training computer. The training computer picks up your heart rate from your transmitter only. Coding prevents interference from other training computers. Recording Features – Training files (with summaries) = 1 Training features HeartTouch – button-free operation of wrist unit – When HeartTouch is on, different training information during training can be accessed without pressing buttons, for instance, when gloves make pressing buttons difficult, by bringing your training computer close to your transmitter. Watch Features – Backlight – Date and weekda

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NiteRider Lumina 700 Light

Smaller…Lighter…Brighter sums up the new Lumina Series. Building off the widely popular Cordless Series, the USB rechargeable Lumina raises the bar for self contained lights. Luminas feature a new, lightweight body combined with increased thermal properties, ensuring a brighter, longer lasting LED. All Luminas feature a newly designed handlebar mount making certain it remains rock solid whether on the trail or pavement. Features: – 1:30HR High – 4 Light levels – Flashing Light setting – Weight: 172 Grams – 6:00 hour charge time – LED Headlamp – Internal Li-Ion Battery – Handlebar Mount Fits up to 31.8mm – Helmet Mount – USB Charging Cable

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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with free carrying case, lanyard and protective cover. The Concord Sapphire.

The Concord Sapphire Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Combo gets you going now. Designed for personal use by individuals, and athletes. If you need to monitor your oxygen and pulse rate, the Sapphire is for you. The Sapphire comes with everything you need, batteries, carrying case, around-the-neck lanyard, and a shock resistant protective rubber cover, all in a reusable, custom foam-padded box. Not intended for medical use and is perfect for use in sports/aviation. Backed by a full 2-year warranty, you can be confident that this oximeter will last.

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Garmin Premium Soft Strap Heart Rate Monitor

Yes, there are plenty of heart rate monitor straps on the market these days. Not all monitor straps work with all watches/CPUs. The problem should be over now that the ANT+ signal of this Garmin Premium Heart Rate Soft Strap is received by most of the newest, highest tech gadgets on the market. Like PowerTap and Joule, though you’ll probably need to run the “find” feature in order to sync up.This soft strap is an upgrade from the standard Garmin strap that comes with your 500 or 705. The unit is smaller, lighter, more flexible. It syncs perfectly with the Garmin FR60, the Forerunner series watches, and the Edge series bike-mounted computers.The claimed weight of the soft strap module is 18g, the strap’s claimed weight is 33g for a total weight of 51g.

Product Features

  • Housing Material:
  • Altimeter:
  • Altimeter Max Height:
  • Route Elevation Profile:
  • Barometer:
  • Heart Rate Monitor: yes
  • Target Heart Rate Zone:
  • Training Program:
  • Fitness Test:
  • Chronograph:
  • Odometer:
  • Thermometer:
  • Digital Compass:
  • Declination Type:
  • Adjustable Declination:
  • Low Battery Indicator:
  • Computer Compatible: yes, ANT+
  • Water-Resistant: yes
  • Backlight:
  • Alarms:
  • Alarm Type:
  • Battery Type:
  • Battery Life:
  • Face Size:
  • Strap Material:
  • Date Indicator:
  • Weekday Indicator:
  • Weight: 51 g
  • Recommended Use: pairing with your Garmin watch or CPU head unit
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
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