ProSource Abdominal Ab Exercise Mat Core Trainer – High Density

ProSource abs mat is specifically designed to give you the ultimate and most effective abdominal workout. You will be able to target and isolate upper abs, lower abs, oblique’s, and even the lower back muscles. One size fits all. No matter if you are a beginner or pro, you can use ProSource Abs Mat. Lightweight, just over one pound, makes it easy to store or travel with. Perfect for Home, Office, Gym, Crossfit, MMA, Boxing, and for other types of training that requires a stronger abdominal core.

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The Flex Belt Women’s Flex Mini Thigh and Butt Toning Belt, Black

The Flex Mini is the first and only product to be cleared by the FDA for lifting, toning and firming the butt and the upper backs of your thighs. With the clinically demonstrated Flex Mini, you can give your entire rear end a perfect, concentrated butt workout while you simply go about your day. All you have to do is put on the comfortable Flex Mini toning unit and the patented, medical-grade Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology stimulates all the nerves in the target rear end area, making them contract and relax exactly like exercise. It’s time to get the Sexy, Shapely Butt You Can Be Proud Of.

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The Perfect Ab-CarverTM will carve your core and help you get ripped abs and sculpted arms. The kinetic “engine” uses a carbon steel spring to turbocharge your abdominal and arm workouts. It provides resistance as you roll out and assistance when you roll back. The ultra-wide tread provides maximum stability when carving left, right and center. Ergonomic hand grips are angled to help activate arm and core muscles.

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Sports Hoop® – Trim Hoop® 3B – 3.1lb (Dia.41″) Large, Weighted Hula Hoop for Workout with 50 minutes Workout Lesson DVD

The Trim Hoop® 3B is the lighter Trim Hoop® specifically designed for exercise purposes and is a perfect hoop for beginners looking to start a new healthy lifestyle or stay in shape. Adults 100-160lb (45-75kg) can use the Trim Hoop® 3B for an effective weight loss and toning regime. The foam padding and high-quality, durable plastic make it both easy and comfortable to hoop for a longer time.


• Great for adults to efficiently trim waistlines and tone core muscles

• Enhances cardio workouts

• Improves posture and circulation

• Targeted workout for core muscles

The Trim Hoop® series has a smooth plastic pipe design with a foam rubber padding exterior which allows users to exercise comfortably. The muscle stimulation from the hoop is spread out evenly for people who are looking for a less intense but longer duration hoop workout.

Sports Hoop® series offers a variety of weighted sports hula hoops specially designed and optimized to trim waistlines and lose weight. With over 30 models— each with unique features customized to fit all ages, sizes, and body types— Choosing the right hoop can be very effective for weight loss, the weight and type provides different results. they make the exercise more effective.

• Want to trim faster and lose more weight? Try our Acu Hoop®

® Sports Hoop, INC. All rights reserved. All Sports Hoop® products are U.S. registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Hoop, Inc.

Bonus DVD

Sports Hoop Workout – Rosemary 46mins

Get the best workout out of weighted hula hoop.
Class A:

-Instructions, -Upper body, -Lower Body, -Abs

Class B:

-Front kick & Jab,-Back Kick & Jab, -Pliés roundhouse,-Elbows,-Ab workout

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Ab Gymnic Belt

ABGYMNIC is an electric pulsating muscle toning device that will firm, tone, and tighten, your upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and basically all other parts of your body you wish to firm and tone. ABGYMNIC replaces monotonous sit ups and exercise. Only 10 minutes you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times – can you imagine how many sit ups you would have to do to achieve the same results? ABGYMNIC will work you out while watching TV, shopping, working, walking. Anyplace. In a fraction of the time it would take to do all those sit ups!!!!

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Training Suspension Trainer At Home Complete Kit

100% Brand New.
Material: Nylon & Foam.
Color: Black & Yellow.
This type fitness equipment is good for you for home exercise.
Level and goals.
A complete gym in a bag¡ªexercise anywhere your life takes you.
One Set included: The trainer belt, User manual, Door holder, Mesh Bag.

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AeroPilates 3-Corded Machine with Rebounder & 4 Workouts

Get the body you want, and build strength and flexibility along the way using this AeroPilates machine. The three elastic attachments and an adjustable headrest and foot bar help to ensure proper alignment as you tone your body. Plus, the two DVDs provide easy-to-follow routines so you can stay motivated. From AeroPilates.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.

Includes AeroPilates machine, two black resistance cords, one red power resistance cord, cardio rebounder, foot bar, Introduction to AeroPilates/AeroPilates Level One Pure Pilates Workout DVD, and AeroPilates Level One Simply Cardio Workout/AeroPilates Level One Integrated Workout DVD, and a 30-day online Jumpstart program
Two-position headrest
Shoulder pads
Rollers for sliding carriage
Nonslip frame caps
Heavy-duty steel frame
Assembly required
Total DVD run time is approximately 102 minutes
Measures 85″L x 24″H x 20-1/4″W; supports up to 300 lbs

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Perfect Fitness Rip Deck System

Rip Deck Rotation Workout

Rip Deck invented by a U.S. Navy SEAL
Perfect Fitness Rip Deck

The Perfect Rip Deck takes your chest workout to the next level by combining two movements into one: the sliding chest fly and the rotating pushup. The Rip Deck allows you to move in two planes of motion to engage more muscles and expand your chest – it is a total chest-building system. Use in the locked position for a standard pushup workout or add the sliding body weight fly. Remove the Pushup stands to use the soft foam cushion for the Forearm Fly or Punch Up movements. The safety stops and 7 locking positions provide an adjustable range of motion, so anyone can use it. The heavy-duty steel track comes apart and for abdominal movements like a Mountain Climber or Squat Thrust. The two tracks fold together for easy storage. One piece of equipment gives you multiple exercises. Invented by a US Navy SEAL. It is time to work smarter before you work harder.

Perfect Fitness Workout and Rules

The digital workout is a 21-Day plan to build your chest, arms, back and abdominals. You can customize your workout with beginner to advance movements. Perfect Fitness Workouts are not about speed, but about slow and controlled muscle contractions. Remember to take it slow and learn your limits safely. Quality not quantity! Proper form is critical when using the Perfect Rip Deck. Using the Rip Deck is an intense exercise and it is important to learn your limits safely. Use caution and follow product instructions at all times. Take it slow! Speed doesn’t get your ripped; it’s about slow and controlled muscle contractions. Pace yourself – try 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down. Moving slowly lets you focus on keeping proper form and getting results.

About Perfect Fitness

The training and principles and innovations behind the Perfect Fitness products originated with Alden Mills, a seven year veteran of the US Navy SEALs. While serving as platoon commander of SEAL Team TWO, Alden’s platoon was chosen for a study to determine why SEALs suffered unusually high injury rates. After learning that the injuries were linked their age-old training methods, SEAL trainers switched to Functional Training. Alden learned firsthand how to incorporate these lessons into exercise routines that become the foundation of techniques used as Perfect Fitness.

Rip Deck Features
  • Sliding Track Safely Simulates Chest Fly
  • Removable Pushup Stands
  • Locks in Place in 7 Positions
  • Easy-Pull Pins Quickly Separate Tracks
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Adjust Range of Motion with Safety Stop
  • Digital Workout
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H:oter Multi-Row Paillettes Gold Coins Belly Dance Wrap & Hip Scarf, Lively Style

Brand: H:oter.

Model: HSF-1002, H:oter Multi-Row Paillettes Gold Coins Belly Dance Wrap & Hip Scarf, Lively Style.

Fabric: chiffon.
Coins: 88 gold coins.
Dimension: Wrap measures 59 inch (150cm) in length, which fits slim to 30 inch (76cm) waists.

Recommended features:
1. All beads and coins are hand sewn, not mass produced!
2. This scarf creates loud and lovely sound when the dancers move and shakes hip.
3. Perfect for practice or just as a fashion accessory!
4. Want something a little nicer and special? Try our wavy-bottom hip scarves!

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Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension

PowerLine Roman Chair Back Hyperextension. Your abs and lower back are crucial to your everyday activities. You must keep them strong and tight to avoid painful injuries. This Roman Chair Back Hyper lets you train abs, back, glutes and hams in complete comfort and safety.

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Iron Gym Ab Straps

These ab straps are a worthwhile accessory to be used with the popular Iron Gym system, allowing you to challenge and strengthen your core abdominal muscles. Sturdy polyester construction can hold users up to 300 pounds, and the straps measure 11.5 by 13.1 inches (W x D).
About Iron Gym
As seen on TV, the Iron Gym (sold separately) offers challenging, muscle-building workouts at home or on the road — anywhere there’s a standard size door. The sturdy metal bar’s unique design wraps around your doorframe, using leverage to remain securely in place without requiring the hassle or damage of inserting screws. When used properly, the Iron Gym helps strengthen and tone your entire upper body, and three different grip positions (narrow, wide, and neutral grips) let you switch up your body’s positioning and continuously challenge your muscles.

Product Description
This straps transforms your Iron Gym or Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Workout Bars into the one piece of equipment you need to get a strong, ripped, six-pack abs quick!!

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