Special Sales: Yes4All Abdominal / Ab Exercise Core Exercise Hybrid Mat

An abdominal mat provides a complete core exercises and training for the abs, back and oblique. High density, yet soft foam designed to contour to your back to provide support and help prevent injury. Also designed to offer a full range of motion while targeting the entire abdominal muscle group. Very durable and portable, weighing just a little over one pound.

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ProSource Fitness Dual Ab Wheel

The ProSource Ab Wheel gives you one of the best core and upper body sculpting and toning exercises you can get. The Ab Wheel targets your abs, shoulders, arms and back for a strength building workout.

Basic Use:
Using the Ab Wheel is simple, but really works the abs if done correctly. This simple devise helps create the line down the middle of your abs for that six pack you always wanted!

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Battle Rope NEXPro – Poly Dacron Undulation Rope Exercise Fitness Training MMA – 2″ width Avail. in 30ft, 40ft, 50ft Length BLACK x

Here we are offering you the Fitness Rope which is well known as Fitness/Undulation/Battle Rope. Made with 100% Poly Dacron, our rope will hard to fray,break or come loose. It is extremely hard-wearing and provides excellent resistance for strength training. Perfect for cardio training, improving your endurance of shoulders, back, arms, increasing reaction time & metabolic rate.

Notice: Not all ropes are the same. There are some cheap and inferior ropes appear on the market. For instance, Polypropylene material will break and be coarse easily, Polyethylene is stiff and will come loose over time, Manila will fray and make a mess.

Our Ropes’ Features:

Rope Thickness: 2″

Rope Length: Choose between 30ft, 40ft, 50ft

Color: Black Rope, Dirt Resistant

Material: 100% Poly Dacron, Wear Resistant and Durable

3-Strand Twisted PolyDac Strong Construction

Yellow Tracking Line, Convenient for Maintenance

600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve Protect the Rope from Friction and Fray

Heat Shrink Caps on the Ends, Heavy and Appressed

High Tensile Strength.

Perfect for boxers, mixed martial artists, swimmers, surfers, basketball, baseball, tennis players, or anyone looking forward to promoting their physical fitness to a new level.

Package Includes:

1 Poly Dacron Fitness Rope with End Caps.

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GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel with Foot/Hand Grips and Training Manual

Improve your power and balance with a strong, conditioned core. The GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel challenges your abs, obliques, back, hips, and glutes for a total core workout. You’ll also see results in your chest, arms, calves, and hamstrings. Exercises range from moderate to very advanced so virtually any fitness level can benefit from the GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel. All of this combined creates another High Intensity Training Tool from GoFit. Part of the GoFit High Intensity Training Tool assortment (H.I.T.T.).

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Body-Solid Best Fitness AB Board Hyperextension

Ideal for total abdominal core workout Combines the benefits of ab crunches and back support hyperextension in one convenient and easy-to-use machine Offers 6-position hyperextension support and 3-position (15-, 20-, and 25-degree) lower-leg support for a secure, comfortable workout that’s varied and versatile Features 6-inch and 4-inch high-density foam rollers for optimum positioning comfort, as well as rubber-gripped positioning handles for a secure and comfortable grip Minimum assembly is required; enjoy the AB Board almost as soon as you receive it and portable designDimensions: 49.5L x 29W x 32H inches Weight: 41 pounds Manufacturer’s warranty included: see complete details in the Product Guarantee area About Body-Solid Body-Solid has been making high quality strength training and exercise equipment for over 20 years. Designed for today’s workouts, Body-Solid machines feature innovative technology and distinctive styling that suits your home. Body-Solid equipment meets the challenges of today’s busy lifestyle while providing you with the utmost in advanced home exercise. From space-saving designs that suit any room, to full-sized gym systems with every available station, Body-Solid gives you the features you want at a price you can afford. All components of all machines are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty; something you won’t find from any other manufacturer in the industry. Combination hyperextension and ab crunch machine. 6-position hyperextension and 3-position lower-leg support. Thick foam rollers/ rubber grip handles for optimum comfort. Minimal assembly required. Assembled dimensions: 49.5L x 29W x 32H inches. Manufacturer’s warranty included (see product guarantee).

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Gold’s Gym Ab Wheel

Get an incredible upper body workout that targets your arms, shoulders, back and abs with one simple move! The Ab Wheel is the perfect tool to tone and tighten your entire upper body. Featuring soft, foam-grip handles that mold to your hand and dual wheels for increase stability, this workout is comfortable and easy!

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Ab Wheel For Athletes – This Ab Roller Wheel is the Most Effective Piece of Core Exercise Equipment on the Market….You Get FREE Video Training to Help You for Strength, Resistance and Core Training. Our Ab Wheel Instantly Targets the Lower Torso, Hip Flexors and the Total Lats and Abdominal area….This is Serious Strength Training For Triathletes, Runners and Women at Home. Even the Most Basic Ab Roller Exercise the Rollout, will also Directly Target the Arms, Shoulders and Thighs….This High Quality and Versatile Ab Wheel Is Portable, Convenient, Lightweight and Great For Travel.Highly Recommended By Personal Trainers. ★★ We Offer a No-Risk LIFETIME Money back Guarantee ★★

Would You Like To Show Off Those Abs?

Are You a Health Nut, a Cross-Fit Devotee, a dedicated Runner, Or You Just Want to Feel Strong Through The Core,Look Great and Feel Relaxed??

Do You Want To Take A Look At The Advantages of Six Pack Abs.

Here’s the Least Expensive, Most Potent Way to Get Your Body Pulsating with Strength, Endurance and Life Long Vitality…..At Home!


* Improved Posture
* Increased Basal Metabolic Rate
* Better Sporting Performance
* Looking Good
*Lower Risk of Back Injury
* Reduced Risk To Disease
* Rapidly dissipates lactic acid build up
*Increased Sports Efficiency and Reduced Risk of Injury

The Elite Ab Wheel:

* Is made of high quality material
* Has dual wheels for stability
* Quickly gives a whole body workout
* Convenient in size

Get the core and strength training that your body needs.

Order Now by clicking on the orange button at the top of the page. Supplies are limited to the inventory in stock.

Buy With Confidence! We Offer a “No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back, Lifetime Guarantee” if you’re not fully satisfied.

PS: Get FREE Access to our website videos (site printed on the packaging) for the best use of the The Elite Ab Wheel

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Ab Roller Wheel–The Top Fit Ab Burner Double Ab Wheel System Rapidly Burns Stomach Fat & Provides Superior Tightening And Toning Of The Core Abdominal Muscles, Shoulders And Arms. Perfect For All Fitness Levels. Comes With FREE Downloadable Special Bonus & Insider’s Guide To 7 “Super Foods” That Shrink Stomach Fat. 30 Day No Hassle Return. Product Guarantee.

Why Choose The Ab Burner?

Choosing The Ab Burner is a no-brainer when you look at the features and the benefits that come with each feature.

Features And Benefits

Double Ab Roller Wheel System–This gives you more stability with each roll of the wheel allowing for greater control and ease of use.

Lightweight and Portable-This gives you the ability to use your Ab Burner on-the-go and allows for easy storage making it extremely convenient for you.

Easy assembly-The Ab Burner can be assembled in literally seconds. You simply take the steel bar and slide both wheels securely onto it. That’s it. You are ready to roll!

Ergonomic handling-Handling the Ab Burner is a breeze. The Ab Burner has 2 easy grip handles that accommodate all shapes and sizes. Its handles are manufactured to give you optimal usability and performance.

Easy glide mechanism-The Ab Burner is built so that when you advance the wheel, the movement is fluid and seamless so that any potential injuries to are kept to an absolute minimum and you get peak performance with each roll of the wheel.

What Else Comes With The Ab Burner?

7 Day E-course, The 7 Shocking “Fatty” (But Healthy) Super Foods That Can Flatten Your Abs–This course comes directly to your email over 7 days. You will learn about 7 surprising super foods that burn abdominal fat.

Downloadable Recipe Book (“50 Amazingly Delicious Gourmet Recipes All Under 300 Calories”)–You also get a Recipe Book with 50 delicious gourmet recipes under 300 calories. These are all custom recipes. A low calorie diet along with the Ab Burner will help you achieve results faster.

Product & Download Instructions for E-course & Recipe Book

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Body-Solid Tools AAB2 Gut Blaster Slings

Hang in there for ripped abs and a toned torso with the Body-Solid Tools AAB2 Gut Blaster Slings. Additional informationConditions entire abdominal area Stretches out back muscles Sturdy carabineers for support Arm slings are 8.5 inches wide Thick, comfortable padding About Body Solid Body Solid has been making high-quality strength training and exercise equipment for over 20 years. Designed for today’s workouts, Body Solid machines feature innovative technology and distinctive styling that suits your home. Body Solid equipment meets the challenges of today’s busy lifestyle while providing you with the utmost in advanced home exercise. From space-saving designs that suit any room, to full-sized gym systems with every available station, Body Solid gives you the features you want at a price you can afford. All components of all machines are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty; something you won’t find from any other manufacturer in the industry. Includes 1 pair of suspension slings. 10,000-lb. capacity. Oversized snap links. Comfortable padding for comfort. Great for toning abs and obliques.

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Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise and Fitness – 1.5 and 2.0 lbs – MADE IN USA – Ship 1 or 100 One Low Price

We have been manufacturing and shipping Canyon Hoops since 2004. Canyon Hoops are made in the USA and we have shipped over 50000 of our hoops worldwide. Canyon Weighted Exercise Hoops have been designed to combine the ideal size and weight to help you lose weight, trim your waist line, build stamina, and improve your overall fitness level while being easy and fun to use. The larger size and weight make these hoops easy to initiate and maintain the hooping rotation. but are not so heavy that they cause bruising or are harmful. One piece construction, no frustration or broken nails putting 6 to eight hoop pieces together only to fall apart or pinch during use. No amount of normal use will cause the hoop to kink, crack, bend, or crush. To get an idea of the size of the hoop, use a tape measure and measure from the floor up 38 or 42 inches. As a general rule your hoop should fit from your belly button to the middle of your chest. Want this same great hoop as a collapsible hoop visit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KN2GJIW
If you want more challenge get a smaller hoop or if you want to do some of the cool dance and off body moves, you can’t do with the imported sports hoops, check out our Collapsible Dance Hoops, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003WX4U0I, or for more glitter and bling our decorative taped exercise hoops, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003NXK3PI, all for sale here at Amazon. Anyone can hoop again! Have Fun! Feel Good! Get fit! Get Hooping! Questions: Please call 503-728-8502 and we will make sure you get the right hoop.

Wow! We received the following congratulations from Amazon: “Your sales ranked among the top 25% of all Amazon.com sellers over the 2010,2011 and 2012 holiday season. In addition, your customer satisfaction metrics were excellent (in other words, A+) over this period.” and will be every Holiday season. We guarantee it!

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Stamina Ab/Hyper Bench Pro

Gives you improved core strength, ripped abs, and powerful back muscles Adjust the angle from flat to a 30 degree decline with the pull of a pin to work your upper and middle abs in four crunch positions Split thigh support adjusts to your leg length during standing hyperextension exercises, which target your lower back muscles Pivoting foam rollers hold your ankles securely to ensure proper body alignment Comfortable and supportive cushioned bench with high-density foam pads, covered in durable stitched vinyl upholstery that’s easy to wipe clean Easy-to-reach extended hand grips and non-slip footrests for a comfortable, safe workout Adjustable footrest, backrest, and thigh support to accommodate different users Heavy-duty 2-inch steel frame with non-slip rubber frame caps to protect floors Manufacturer’s warranty included – see Product Guarantee for full details About Stamina Products, Inc. Founded in 1987, Stamina is dedicated to building a stronger, healthier you. The company supplies high-quality products at excellent value to the fitness and leisure markets, showcasing hundreds of products around the world over the past two decades. Stamina is responsible for such brands as Body by Jake, Suzanne Somers, Tony Little, and more. Their mission is straightforward and admirable: Stamina strives to outperform the competition by maintaining effective communication, consistent quality, and superior service. They will continue to pursue perfection through the design excellence of these home fitness products. Adjusts to 4 levels for crunches. Target back muscles with hyperextension exercises. Folds for storage. 250-lb. weight capacity. Assembled dimensions: 56L x 27W x 36H inches. Manufacturer’s warranty included.

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XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416

XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Decline Bench XM-4416

Challenge your abs regardless of your level of abdominal fitness with the XMark Adjustable Ab Bench featuring twelve vertical height adjustments. Built for comfort and support, the bench features ergonomically positioned 4” contoured roller pads, a thick 2.5-inch Hi-density cushion and a middle support handle for easy mounting and dismounting. Backed by a LIFETIME in-home warranty, the XMark adjustable ab bench is the ideal bench for performing sit-ups, crunches, oblique twists, etc. without undue stress on sensitive pressure points. When sleek, contoured abdominals is your goal, choose XMark, the mark of excellence.


– Backed by a LIFETIME in-home warranty
– Twelve vertical height adjustments
– Support handle for easy on/off
– Ergonomically positioned leg rollers
– Oversized 4-inch contoured roller pads
– Locking pop pin to simplify adjustment
– Extra thick 2.5-inch Hi-density cushion
– Double stitched, sweat and tear resistant Duraguard vinyl
– Scratch resistant powder coat finish
– Skid resistant rubber feet


– Cushion dimensions: 44.5”L x 15”W
– Total weight capacity: 400 pounds
– Assembled weight: 63 pounds
– Assembled dimensions: 61”L x 20.5”W x 47”H
– Heavy-duty 14-gauge, 2 by 3-inch steel construction

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Lift your chest. Firm your arms and tighten the areas in between! The Top-Toner allows smooth tri-sometric movements that target hard to reach muscles in your arms and chest, giving you a workout that’s fast, easy and effective. Because of its 3 level adjustable resistance, Top-Toner is suitable for any age and fitness level. Its lightweight and compact design makes it practical to carry and use anywhere! The Top-Toner work-out guide features more than 15 exercises with 3 minute routines to get your upper body in top shape fast and easy! Tone and shape triceps, neck, lower arms, bust and more! Patent Pending. Each measure 7″x 4″ x 4″.

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Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads for All Slendertone Abdominal Belts, 1 Set (3 Gel Pads)

Get maximum results with fresh, reusable, no-mess GelPads. To get the most from your FLEX Abdominal Toning Belt, make sure to always use GelPads that are in good working order. SLENDERTONE medical-grade SLENDERTONE GelPads are latex free and each lasts from 20 to 30 sessions. No messy gel is needed.

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Ab Mat- Ab Workouts, Bench, Machines, Equipment, Trainer, Exerciser – Fitness Equipment for Home – Crossfit Equipment, Workouts – Core Exercises, Exerciser, Trainer – Situp Mat, Pad – Get 6 Pack Abs At Home – 60 Day Guarantee

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Phoenix 99255 Adjustable Slantboard

Phoenix 99255 Adjustable Slantboard – Additional InformationGreat for use as a slant board for sit-ups and crunches, or as a flat bench for use with dumbbells and free weights Adjusts to multiple positions so that you can customize your workouts Complete with upscale, quilted box cushions for enhanced comfort during use Folds flat for easy storage Manufacturer’s warranty: see complete details in the Product Guarantee area About Phoenix Health and Fitness Inc. Phoenix Health and Fitness Inc. has been a leader in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Established as a wholesale distributor in 1998, Phoenix is committed to bringing consumers the latest and safest in workout technology. From treadmills to exercise bikes, workout benches to inversion machines, Phoenix provides competitively priced, fully supported, high-quality exercise opportunities for its customers and its companies. Whether used in a private home or in a fitness club, Phoenix Health and Fitness equipment is guaranteed to provide innovative, supportive technologies. For use as a slant board or flat bench. Quilted box cushions for comfort. 250-pound weight capacity. Assembled dimensions: 58L x 16W x 22.5H inches. Manufacturer’s warranty included (see product guarantee).

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The Flex Belt Gel Pads Set for Flex System Belt, Grey

The success of your Flex Belt toning session relies on the quality of your Flex Belt Gel Pads. When it’s time for new Flex Belt Gel Pads, be sure to have them on hand so you don’t miss a day of toning while waiting for new Flex Belt Gel Pads to arrive. We recommend adding an additional 2-3 sets to your order. You can always order new Flex Belt Gel Pads later if you don’t want to get extras now.

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